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Create a PowerPoint Album in 16:9

Although it’s fairly easy to create a Photo Album slideshow in PowerPoint 2007, the only option to convert it to 16:9 squashes all the photos. Obviously, not what we’re after.

Here’s how to get it in true 16:9:

  1. Open a new PowerPoint presentation
  2. Under Insert, click Photo Album.
  3. Click File/Disk, and choose any of your pictures - don’t worry about selecting all of them or formatting just yet, just hit Create.
  4. Under Design, click Page Setup and change Slides size for to On-screen Show (16:9). Your picture will now look distorted, but don’t worry, we’re not finished!
  5. Under Insert, click the small arrow under Photo Album, then Edit Photo Album.
  6. Click File/Disk, and select all of the pictures you’d like to include, including the one that you had already added.
  7. Add any formatting you’d like, and hit Create.
  8. Delete the second slide which contains the distorted picture.

And you’re done!

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